The event list that follows is an outline of our 2019 tour schedule. Please pay attention to event starting times as they do fluctuate each week. 

Turtleback Golf Club  - June 12th - 9:30am
        Thank you Turtleback for hosting our event today. The course was beautifaul and the lunch was good. 

Black Bear Golf Club  - June 19th - 10:00am
Chequamegon Bay Golf Club - July 10th - 10:00am
Spooner Golf Club - July 17th - 10:00am
Rolling Oaks Golf Course - July 24th - 10:00am

        Players of the Year:   

***  It is the time to start signing up for our 2019 events ** 

* Wisconsin PGA Junior Foundation Event - June 26th, must sign-up on WI PGA website for this event**