FORMAT: 13-18 Division: 18 Hole stroke play. Divisions for both boys and girls as follows: 18-13. Ages 12 and Under Division: 9 Hole stroke play. In case there are less than 3 contestants in an age division, contestants will move up to the next age bracket. Medals and Pins will be awarded to first and second place. Ties for first will be played off in a sudden death format. Medals/Pins rewarded for second place will be determined by a handicap hole scorecard playoff.

ELIGIBILITY: Boys and girls who are 18 and under as of June 1. Exception, graduating seniors who turn 19 during the summer of the tour season will be allowed to compete for the entire season.

ENTRY: A fee of $30.00/18 holes and $25.00/9 holes must accompany entry form. This will include green fees, range balls, lunch and awards. 

DEADLINES: Entry forms must be in 24 HOURS prior to day of event. Last minute entries will only be accepted if space is available.

DRESS CODE: Proper golf attire is required. No cutoffs, blue jeans or blue jean shorts, tank tops or gym shorts allowed. Hats may be worn provided they are worn with the bill to the front. These are PGA rules and will be enforced.

TEE TIMES: T-times will be available the evening before the event. Check the website nwjgt.net to get your t-time. You must check in at least 45 minutes prior to your t-time.

POINTS: Player of the Year points are based on overall finish boy/girl each against the course. Points towards player of the year will only be awarded to frequent players of the tour. Only available to 13-18 age players. Points breakdown as follows: 1st-15pts, 2nd-12pts, 3rd-10pts, 4th-8pts, 5th-6pts, 6th-4pts, 7th-2pts, 8th of higher-0pts.

SHOES/SPIKES: Metal spikes are not permitted. Golfers may wear golf shoes with soft spikes or Tennis shoes.

PLAYER CONDUCT: Any conduct which may be detrimental to the NWJGT, will not be tolerated, including swearing, club throwing, or damage to the golf course or another player's belongings. The first such violation may result in a warning, 2-stroke penalty or disqualification. Possession of Alcohol or Tobacco products, gambling, display vulgar or abusive behavior will result in immediate disqualification. Multiple violations will result in removal from future NWJGT events.

CADDIES/ADVICE: Caddies are not permitted. Golfers must carry their own bag or use a pull cart. Outside advice is not allowed during competition. Breach of rule - Disqualification.

WEATHER: In the event of an inclement weather situation, whether pre-event or during, the NWJGT tournament officials will make a judgement call for whether or not the event will continue as scheduled, any weather delay, and or cancellation of any event. Check the home page for updates before any event. 

REFUNDS: No refund after the entry deadline. If less than 5 holes are completed by an entire division, refunds will be given on prorated basis (entry less expenses). If 5 or more holes are completed by a division, awards will be given out based on participants' score for the least holes played by any one player in the division and no refund will be made.

LIABILITY: All players and spectators of players assume all liability for any injuries that might occur during an event, by their parents or guardians signature on the entry form.

RULES VIOLATIONS AND CHEATING: Rules violations all be determined by the tournament officials and handled as prescribed by the USGA rules of Golf, Junior Tour Administrator or the local PGA professional. If you are suspected of cheating, measures will be taken to monitor your score during future junior tour events. If a player suspects another of cheating or of violating a rule of golf, the player should seek a rules official immediately to handle the situation. Cheating is strictly prohibited. Cheating will result in immediate disqualification from the Junior Tour Event with no refund.

SCHOLARSHIPS: We are making every attempt to award 2 scholarships to a graduating boy or girl who plans to go to college and play golf on the college team. To be eligible, you must have golfed 3 years including this year in the tour. Must also participate in a minimum of 3 events in this years tour. If you are interested please contact  Linda and we will get you the form to be completed.

SPECTATOR GUIDELINES: Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend tournaments. Rules for spectators are as follows:

1. Spectators are asked to stay in the rough or on cart paths and 20 plus yards away from players.

2. Spectator are allowed to carry water, umbrellas, jackets, towels and food for the players. 

3. Spectators are not allowed to give advice to the players. Players will be penalized for a violation. Breach of rule - disqualification. 

4. Players shall not carry on conversations with spectators. This action could be construed as advice. Players will be penalized for a violation. 

5. The player is responsible for the action of his/her spectators.

CARE FOR THE GOLF COURSE: All players are expected to maintain the golf course by replacing divots, repairing ball marks, raking bunkers, etc. Any abuse to the course or other club facilities will result in immediate disqualification. All players and parents are also encouraged to thank the host club, staff and volunteers for their support of the NWJGT.

QUESTIONS: Call the event course or the NWJGT Office (715-816-4126).