Throughout the season, golfers will accumulate points based on how they finish each week during our six week season.  Must golf in all events and are 13 years or older to qualify for player of the year.

The point breakdown per event is as follows:

1st place                         15 pts

2nd place                       12 pts

3rd place                        10 pts

4th place                          8 pts

5th place                          6 pts

6th place                          4 pts

7th place                          2 pts

8th and higher                0 pts

In the event of a tie, points from the tied position will be added to the following position(s) point value(s) and divided evenly among the golfers. Example would be a 3 way tie for 3rd place, points would be divided as follows:

3rd place                        10pts

+ 4th place                       8pts

+ 5th place                       6pts

Total Pts                       24 pts

Divided Evenly among 3 Golfers: 24 pts/ 3 Golfers = 8 pts Each

Points will be added each week to that players current year total, which will be updated each week (represented by the chart to the right). 

The golfer with the highest amount of points at the end of the season will be awarded Player of the Year. 

Player of the Year Points Standings